Apr. 14th, 2009 09:17 pm
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Oh, it looks like my little community-project has already gotten quite a few subscribers. Wonderful!

Anyway, hi, I am [personal profile] yvi and creating this community was basically the first thing I did here. I hope this will become a place for people interested in science on DW to meet and to discuss things of interest, from books to your own research to humorous things happening in the lab (or wherever you work).

I have created a few tags for entries which will hopefully be used (they are very convenient for searching a few weeks after the posts I have found) and I'd love to have suggestions for more, as well as for interest for this community.

Maybe a good start would be to introduce ourselves, what topics we are interested in, where we come from, what we do, that sort of thing. I will put up a post for that later that week when more people have joined DW and the people who juts joined have settled in a it more.

It's a shame my userpics are failing to get imported, otherwise I would use one of my science icons :)

Edit, since apparantly tags that haven't been used are not viewable to everyone, these are the tags so far:
admin astronomy biology books chemistry computer science discussion engineering geology mathematics news physics research


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