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Folks working on theses, dissertations, papers, and the like: what software have you found especially useful?

I use EcoSim (Windows 95+) for generating rarefaction curves, EstimateS (Windows, Mac, and it runs fine on Snow Leopard for me) for similarity stats and many other things, and Mendeley (Windows, Mac, Linux) for paper management (thanks, [personal profile] yvi!).

There are a lot of great pieces of scientific software out there, but they're not always easy to find. Does anyone know of a program available of Mac/Linux that will generate individual-based rarefaction curves from individual-based data (I don't think EstimateS does this; at least I haven't been able to figure out how)? (I know, sample-based data gives more robust results; but it's rarely available for the type of work I do.)

And if you don't care about scientific software, or just like dinosaurs:

True-Color Dinosaur Revealed: First Full-Body Rendering (Here's another article with a watercolor illustration, if you can't load the animation). Fossil color research is a super-interesting area, and the Yale folks are doing amazing work. Plus this amuses me, because I saw the AMNH's traveling dinosaur exhibit last year and went seriously?! at a small feathered dinosaur in a diorama that the artist chose to feather very similarly to a pileated woodpecker. How likely is that? I thought. Well, apparently more likely than I thought!
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